Josh Kaplan

I make websites and website accessories

Some fun facts:

  1. I live in Minneapolis, MN
  2. I make electronic music in my spare time
  3. I am a PHP developer for Best Buy
  4. I do freelance on the side

I’ve been programming for the past seven years and, in that time, have built a unique set of skills, ranging from Rails development to complex server administration and maintenance. I’ve built small internal applications and large public sites. I’ve kept a video hosting site online with one 512 megabyte VPS and 100k unique visits per day. I’ve made things large and small and built a taste for what constitutes good programming. I constantly strive to make great software that makes life easier and better, and I feel that it shows in my work.

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Portrait of the developer

The Mid Roll

Great podcasts, meet great advertisers.

In February 2013, Earwolf approached me to help finish the advertising network they'd been building, The Mid Roll. With a limited budget and tight schedule, we were able to launch a beautiful, functional ad manager to be used by their podcasts, advertisers, and partners.

Some highlights:

  • Automatic daily scraping of episode download counts from Souncloud
  • Detailed reporting for podcasters, advertisers, and administrators

Codec Club

A collection of inspiring aural experiences

The Codec Club is an internet art collective run by Joe Kalicki (Cult Cosmos), Michael Smith (Zombine), and myself (David Flash). We've released an LP, an EP, and "The Codec Club volume 1", which you can buy on Gumroad now and at Autoptic in August.


An Open Discussion of Gender and Body

Throughout the first few months of 2013, I did layout and other miscellaneous work for my good friend Greer Lawson's first published book, Every/Body. This included editing the video for the successful Kickstarter to fund printing the book, as well as assembling the final InDesign and PDF files for printing.

Every/Body is an anthology that focuses on people as individuals, by examining the topics of the body and gender. This anthology discusses and explores the way people view themselves and others, their bodies, and the way each person defines themselves. Contributions for Every/Body discuss body, gender, and sexuality through a variety of mediums including comics, illustration, and text.

Every/Body debuted at TCAF in May, 2013. It is being self-published by Greer Lawson and distributed by 2D Cloud.


the simple video sharer!

When I was still a Ruby beginner in October, 2010, I entered the Rails Rumble with Vidja, a simple video sharing site in the vein of Imgur. I was an honorable mention in Zencoder's section of the contest.

After the competition, Vidja was discovered by the Reddit amateur porn community who promptly used it to its fullest. I was serving, at its peak, about 100k unique visitors per day. I had to shut down the site in December, 2010, due to lack of funding for hosting. Later, I posted the code to GitHub with the hope that someone else would have some use for it.